Guide Book

Table of Contents


1. Course Guideline
2. Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) Curriculum
3. Sustainable Prototyping Lab (SPL) Curriculum
4. Computational Unit (CU) Curriculum


  1. Cleaning and Maintenance
    a. Facility Maintenance Guidelines
  2. IT Facilities
    a. Terms of Use
    b. Internet
    c. Printer
    d. File Server
    e. Rhinoceros installation and lab licenses
  3. Fabrication Facilities
    a. Terms of Use
  4. Wood Shop
    a. Guidelines
    b. Machines
  5. Digital Fabrication Tools
    a. Laser Cutter
    b. 3-D Printer
    c. CNC Milling Machine
    d. Robot Arm


1. Lab Keys and Print Cards
2. Purchasing / Reimbursement
3. Life in Tokyo

Health and Safety

1. Emergency Contact
2. Late Night Work (after 22:00)